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Anne La Lopa
(505) 660-4162

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  • Environmentally correct
  • Contributes to being “leed” certified - “green built”
  • Silent in line catalytic water conditioner
  • No maintenance 25 yr. warranty
  • No salt or chemicals
  • Saves money
  • Water tastes “better”
  • Feel cleaner and fresher after bathing
  • Soap use can be cut in half
  • Saves 25% plus on water usage
  • No back flushing or wasteful purging of water
  • Does not reduce water pressure and flow and will increase water flow – due to removal of existing scale in pipes
  • Designed for hot water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, ice machines, cooling towers cleans out previous scale buildup while preventing new deposits from forming – appliances last longer
  • Will not corrode water heaters, pipes & fixtures
  • Dissolves existing lime scale buildup
  • Can be used on both hot/cold water & irrigation
  • Does not harm the environment or our fresh water supply and waste water treatment systems
  • Retains healthful minerals in a neutralized form.
  • In agricultural applications, zeta core helps plants grow faster, healthier, and greener (with no tip burn) because plants are able to absorb more nutrients. water penetrates deeper into the soil. the need for watering and use of fertilizers is reduced.
  • Reduces harmful spotting when washing your car or truck.
  • Banned after 2003 in california
  • Communities crack down on softener brine
  • Increase costs for wastewater treatment plants
  • Motors and timers are noisy & eat electricity
  • Requires constant maintenance
  • Will use an average of 210 bags of salt a year
  • Has tendency to breakdowns
  • Makes water taste flat and salty
  • Salty water also feels slippery and unnatural
  • Can irritate sensitive skin
  • Interrupts household water flow during waterconsuming backwashing and mineral regeneration.
  • Reduces normal water pressure and flow
  • Can corrode water tanks, pipes & fixtures
  • Won’t remove existing lime and scale buildup
  • Can only be used on hot water
  • Pollutes waterways and hinders septic systems
  • Is not safe for heart patients and those with hypertension
  • Cannot be used for irrigation