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Points to Remember

  • The Zeta Core© water conditioner unit must be installed at least 15 feet upstream from first use. A coil of copper or plastic can be used to achieve this distance.
  • Use insulated couplings at each end of the conditioner when installing into any metal pipe.
  • Unit must not be exposed to freezing conditions; install below the frost line.
  • Use only paste tape on pipe thread connections.
  • Always earth ground the unit to separate ground rod or structural steel in a building.
  • Use only water soluble flux on all solder joints. Solder all upstream connections first before installing conditioner.
  • Solder as much as possible before installing into the water line, etc. Fit the conditioner into the main water line after the meter, before any tee junctions. It will operate on any angle, above or below ground level.

ZetaCore© Flow Recommendations
Product Code Product Description Flow Range in GPM
ZC-3/4 3/4 Inch unit 0 -- 18
ZC-1 1 inch unit
18 -- 30
ZC-1.5 1.5 inch unit
30 -- 75
2 inch unit
75 -- 115
ZC-2.5 2.5 inch unit 115 -- 165
3 inch unit
165 -- 295
4 inch unit
295 -- 660
6 Inch unit
660 --1200
8 Inch unit
1200 -- 2560
10 Inch unit
2560 -- 4000
12 Inch unit
4000 -- 5500

Water Meters

Your Zeta Core© unit should be placed inline from your water meter or well service, and should be fitted by a licensed plumber.

Swimming Pools

Fit the unit with unions into the return line after the filter.
For swimming pools, the Catalytic Conditioner will continue to "treat" re-circulating water every time water passes through the unit. The result is crystal clear water and reduced chlorine and other chemical requirement for the pool. Algae is reduced and soon eliminated since the conditioner removes the lime scale food source for algae. In addition, a process called plasmolysis, caused by the action of Catalytic conditioning, dehydrates the cells of the algae and results in a cell that cannot survive. Increased dissolved oxygen in water after passing through the Catalytic Conditioner prohibits the growth of anaerobic microorganisms.


Fit the Zeta Core©  water conditioner into the main line close to where it leaves a pump, and before any tee junctions. Larger units may require support.


In a recirculation system, fit one Zeta Core©  water conditioner into the feed line to the boiler after the condensate pump, where all the water passes through each cycle, and one unit should be fitted into the cold water make up line.

Residential Installations

Zeta Core Water Conditioner

Well Installs