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Anne La Lopa
(505) 660-4162

Water Lady

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Duke City Software

Dear Anne:

Your Zeta Core water conditioner system was installed in our newly built home in September of 2007, within 30 days of our taking residence of the property in Bernalillo. Recently, the 50 gallon water heater was drained and flushed for the first time in two years since we have lived here.There was no rust in the discharge and only 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white residue, which I would assume was calcium or lime deposits. The pieces were very small which would lead me to the conclusion that they were being held in suspension and were not binding together to form big clumps. Anne, this again lets me know that your product works, and, as you know, you have a Happy Customer with me and my wife, Rachel.

C. Nick Vuillemot, IOM, Executive Director
Greater Sandoval County Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 505-404-2073
E- Mail:

I was having several problems in my home because of our hard water situation, so I started doing some research on the best ways to solve this. My toilets and even sink stoppers were horribly corroded no matter how much they were scrubbed and cleaned,but when my instant hot water faucet went in my kitchen, that was it!!! I ended up going to the "waterlady" who has an economical system that requires no filters or salts, and that in 3 days has my instant hot water faucet in my kitchen working again without any repair to it.THe system works with a transformer, cleans the residue that has built up over a period of time, and I am already seeing a difference in the water.

If you are having some of these problems, I strongly recommend contacting Anne at 505-660-4142 or email This system has been installed at the Chavez Center and Sandia Labs, among many other places.

Joanna Korsen


Tony and I are thrilled with our new catalytic water conditioner system. After a month on the catalytic water conditioner each of us noticed little things that have become cleaner and newer looking than before. First, in our back yard, Tony has noticed that where we have sandstone and reddish sidewalk pavers, they had become dingy (you saw them Anne) and were covered with a mineral scale deposit (that ugly whitish substance). Yucky! The scale is now gone and the reddish landscaping pavers are looking better than ever. We haven't done anything to the pavers! The water from the sprinklers still hit that part of the pavers. We know that the water is having an effect on the mineral deposit!

I too have noticed my white clothes getting really white. As an example, both my daughters play soccer and they each have "white" uniforms. So you can imagine that when they play their games, grass and mud stains are  really bad. Since we cannot bleach these uniforms stains had never totally disappeared. Since I got my CFWC system I spray a little stain remover and regular detergent (very little) and wash the uniforms on a short 20 minute warm water cycle. Those uniforms are bright white when they come out of the wash! Stains are completely gone, without bleach!) It has to be the catalytic water system, I have been using the same detergent for 20 years and never felt my whites were that white. Now even the girls notice how white their soccer uniforms are. Thank you for your product.

Geri and Tony Garcia (Jennifer and Lindsey)
Albuquerque, NM

Hello Anne,

I just wanted to let you know how our summer went with our “Catalytic Water System”. As I mentioned to you, we have a vegetable garden every year. This summer we grew tomatoes, squash, chilies, and pumpkins. Last year our garden didn’t produce much because we lost half of our tomato plants to wilt. This year we have noticed a bigger bounty of vegetables. We had only 4 tomato plants and four cherry tomato plants. At one point we were inundated with so many large tomatoes we gave them away to our neighbors. There was no wilt in our garden this year! The other vegetables were tasty and plentiful too. (They are still picking vegetables even today !

My husband and I are sure that the garden flourished this year because of the Catalytic Water System. My whole family is drinking more water and saying they enjoy the taste of the water. I have told my extended family about the Catalytic Water System and they find it hard to believe that it is really so care free. Thank you for your product.

G. Garcia

P.S. Anne: I found my water bill for July 2003 - we used 22 (1000) gallons. I think what we showed you was a July 2002 bill which was around 48-50 (1000) gallons. Did we really use that much less???