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Anne La Lopa
(505) 660-4162

Water Lady

Maintained by
ZiaNet, Inc.

Dear Anne:

Your Zeta Core water conditioner system was installed in our newly built home in September of 2007, within 30 days of our taking residence of the property in Bernalillo. Recently, the 50 gallon water heater was drained and flushed for the first time in two years since we have lived here.There was no rust in the discharge and only 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white residue, which I would assume was calcium or lime deposits. The pieces were very small which would lead me to the conclusion that they were being held in suspension and were not binding together to form big clumps. Anne, this again lets me know that your product works, and, as you know, you have a Happy Customer with me and my wife, Rachel.

C. Nick Vuillemot, IOM, Executive Director
Greater Sandoval County Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 505-404-2073
E- Mail:

I was having several problems in my home because of our hard water situation, so I started doing some research on the best ways to solve this. My toilets and even sink stoppers were horribly corroded no matter how much they were scrubbed and cleaned,but when my instant hot water faucet went in my kitchen, that was it!!! I ended up going to the "waterlady" who has an economical system that requires no filters or salts, and that in 3 days has my instant hot water faucet in my kitchen working again without any repair to it.THe system works with a transformer, cleans the residue that has built up over a period of time, and I am already seeing a difference in the water.

If you are having some of these problems, I strongly recommend contacting Anne at 505-660-4142 or email This system has been installed at the Chavez Center and Sandia Labs, among many other places.

Joanna Korsen

During the build of our home in the East Mountain area of Albuquerque, we were looking for a salt less water conditioning solution. Our home has new appliances and other features that required addressing the high calcium content in our water. Our builder, Jesse Deubel, FlowHomes, suggested we call Anna, the Water Lady and inquire about the Zeta Core solution.

After speaking to Anna, the owner of the Company and a few references, we were convinced and ordered the ¾” solution. The system pictured above was installed by the builder’s plumber and has performed as advertised. At six months in, the faucets, toilets, dishwasher, refrigerator and washer are clear of any calcium buildup. No need for CLR or a scrapper to remove, it’s not there!

The Zeta Core system comes with no maintenance and a 25-year warranty, an unbelievable value, no buying salt or potassium or replacing the system after a few years of operation. The system is connected to our house supply therefore the landscaping and car washing benefit. Also, the taste of the water is so good we do not require an RO or other type of water filtering product.

I’ve never been so pleased with a new technology. We would recommend this product to anyone searching for a salt less solution to condition their water supply. Also, Anna was a real delight, easy to work with and very accommodating. She has followed up with us on several occasions, making sure our expectations have been met.

“This product really works! Thank You Anna”

Jeff Chapman