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Physically Changing the Molecular Properties of Water so Water Works for You .
Chemical Free Water Conditioning

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The Zeta Core© products are unique with no true comparisons. Using the most current technology in the Research and Development of this product makes the water conditioning effects of the Zeta Core© superior.

Furthermore, we are able to eliminate the effects of hard water by a process of fluid mechanics that changes the physical properties in water without using chemicals. By changing the physical properties in water, the water itself breaks down salt compounds of Magnesium and Calcium

The catalytic alloy method applies the catalytic properties of several different metallic elements through reduction-oxidation reactions to produce electrochemical changes to the ions and molecules in the water through direct contact with these substances in the water solution.

The Catalytic Water Conditioner is a high tech de-scaler to remove mineral buildup that accumulates in water using equipment and in soils.

Mineral build up in the form of hard scale is a common problem in water for household, agricultural and industrial uses. Minerals are only a problem when they are held together by a binder. Over the years it has been demonstrated that salt and/or calcium carbonate are not a problem unless they collect. They are left inert after passing through the Catalytic non chemical water conditioner and they do not accumulate on surfaces or in the structure of plants. Catalytic conditioned water provides a "soft" but not slippery feel and allows the use of less detergents and cleaning compounds, makes water penetrate soil faster, neutralizes the effects of minerals that cause hard water and allows many agricultural crops to flourish in what is commonly called "salty" water.


The Zeta Core© will eliminate scale formation in hot water heaters and on plumbing fixtures. The Zeta Core© will reduce the amount of soap and cleaning supplies that you use around the house. Dishes and clothes will be cleaner. Swimming pools will use fewer chemicals and will be easier to maintain. Water filtration devices will work more efficiently. Your landscape will thrive. There can also be great saving in water.

The Zeta Core© will help farmers and ranchers with water that is beneficial for live stock and crops. Fertilizer and chemicals will be utilized by the plants more efficiently. Sprinklers and drip emitters will not clog with scale. The Zeta Core© Water Conditioner deflocculates soil and solublize minerals and nutrients in the soil and water. This will allow better percolation and wetting of the soil. This will improve leaching and improve plant health and yield. Plant tip burn will be reduced. Drip & sprinkler systems will be scale free.

The Zeta Core© when installed on the municipal water system will benefit the entire community served.

The Zeta Core© will improve the turf conditions of parks, athletic fields, golf courses and all landscape areas where it is installed. As in the agricultural applications it will enhance plant health and improve the soil structure.

The Zeta Core© Conditioner will prevent and eliminate scale build up in Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Pumps, Storage Tanks, Piping. This will help to extend the life of any apparatus or devices that convey water.

The Zeta Core© Conditioner will facilitate in the economical operation of Dishwashers, Drains, Fixtures, Coffee Makers, and Water Heaters by eliminating and preventing scale. The improved water will make for better tasting juices, gravies, coffee, etc.