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Save up to 40% on irrigation using WETTER water!

Plus 10% or better on Pump Costs!

The “wetter water” also penetrates soil better and faster than unconditioned water. In addition, the increased wetness is supplemented by the salt and scale-dissolving properties of the electron-rich water. This results in more effective breaking down and leaching away of the salts accumulated in the soil.

Excessive salinity in the root zones in the soil is the primary cause of tip burn in plant and leaves. The reason plants produce better on catalytic-conditioned water is that the conditioner saves plants from having to break down chlorides, sulfates and other minerals that “poison” vegetation. The excessive amounts of salts on and around the roots result in oxidation ad reduction reactions that cause certain elements and compounds to be over-absorbed by plant roots, which are required for normal health, to be under-absorbed or not absorbed at all.

Additional Benefits are:
- Conditioned water delivers the minerals in solution as nutrients and not scale.
- Creates and improves the microbe system that exists by encouraging growth through increased air pockets in the root zones and negative ion electron charged water.

Reduce labor, material, and maintenance costs!

Conditioned water allows sprinklers, drip irrigation, and piping systems to run trouble free with no evidence of scale build up.

Irrigation Testimonials

"We had extensive salt deposits showing on the soil surface and pots. After the catalytic system was installed the salt problem disappeared." We had a savings of $4500 on cooling pads over a 10 year period.
-Mike Doye, Municipal Greenhouse Manager, Albuquerque, NM

"Previously I had problems irrigating a 30-acre park. Calcium carbonate had been coating the trees and shrubs, sending them into a decline. A catalytic water conditioner was installed 3 years ago, and immediately showed excellent improvements in the irrigation water. The trees are no longer coated with the calcium carbonate build-up, and the soil penetration is even better. The soccer fields have more uniform turf, reducing leg injuries."
-Carroll Hargrove, Parks & Recreation Director, Roswell, NM

"Bare spots have filled in with Bermuda grass where there had never been anything before. We now have sod where we used to have hardpan. Before the catalytic water conditioner the runners would start out, but wouldn't root and eventually die." (Installed on its effluent water irrigation)
-Ted Martinez, Golf Superintendent, Odessa Country Club, Odessa, TX



Another benefit of catalytic conditioned water is the reduction of algae growth in the drainage ditches.

Parks & Nurseries

Photos taken 6 months apart
Previously, salt and scale build up on tree trunks and severe defoliation. This course eliminated $15,000/yr of sulfuric acid for pH control Less sodium, calcium, magnesium tied up in soil

San Juan College, NM


Shared Well, Conditioned / Unconditioned
Roosevelt County, NM 1/4 mile pivot
3 ton more per acre on Conditioned side
Rio Grande Community Farm
Albuquerque, NM

Golf Courses/Ponds

Effluent users: Golf Courses and Sports Fields

Using effluent the Catalytic Water Conditioner neutralizes the salt and makes the water more effective due to the quick penetration of the conditioned water, using less water and chemicals, i.e. gypsum, sulfuric acid, etc.

Algae feeds on scale...having Zeta Core conditioned water in the pond...the algae has nothing to feed on


Algae Covered Falls Algae Coming Off Algae Free Falls/Pond
Within 3 Months



Last July Manywaters, Inc. installed 11 Waternomics Moisture Sensors on our primary football field and secondary practice field. Because we were not full automated between the well and the electronic timers, a radio-controlled unit was ordered to finish the total installation. Manywaters replaced three of our outdated timers, and, furnished an E-Z Flow tank for injection of liquid additives. To date, the installation is complete and ready for the spring season.

However, in August, soil and well water tests were taken on the primary and practice fields. Both were found to be of high pH content, and, short in nitrogen and trace minerals. It was suggested to apply an all natural product (Bradfield 3-1-5) from Unlimited Expectations, a Colorado firm. Both fertilizer and corn glutens (Bradfield 9-0-0) were applied in combination to both fields.

It was also suggested that a ZetaCore Catalytic Water Conditioner, by The Water Lady, Albuquerque, NM, be installed to eliminate the high sulfer gasses being emitted from the irrigation well. The odor was so bad that irrigation was stopped a few hours before school, as the ventilation systems pulled the pungent odor into the class rooms. This system worked so well that the water now has a fresh “rain-water” smell, while correcting the chemical imbalance in the water.

Concurrent to the soil and water test, the timers were set to irrigate:
60 minutes per zone
X 11 zones
= 660 minutes per day
X 5 days per week
= 3300 minutes per week
X 70 Gallons per minute
= 231,000 Gallons per week X 4 Weeks / Month = 924,000 GP / Month
After installation of water conditioner and the new fertility program:
20 minutes per zone
X 11 Zones
= 220 minutes per day
X 3 days per week
= 660 minutes per week
X 70 Gallons per minute
= 46,200 Gallons per week X 4 Weeks = 184,800 GP / Month

Our irrigation season starts in April, and the new upgrades, fertilization, and water sensors installed by Many waters’ “three-step-program,” West Las Vegas Public Schools will have saved in excess of 4,000,000 gallons on the above football and practice fields.