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Anne La Lopa
(505) 660-4162

Water Lady

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ZiaNet, Inc.

- 25 Year Warranty.

- Zeta Core catalytic water conditioners contribute 1 point to LEED certification - under "Innovative solutions".

- SAVES $$$ and the environment for residential and commercial installations.

- Removal of existing calcium and other mineral deposits in pipes and hot water heaters.

- Increased life of pipes, hot water tanks, dishwashers, air conditioners, heating systems, ice makers, reverse osmosis systems.

- Reduction in salt, chemicals, corrosive produced as a byproduct of conventional water conditioning systems.

- Soap and shampoo amounts can be reduced - Cost of soap cut in half.

- Improved taste of water, coffee, etc.

- Can be used for irrigation, reducing costs in fertilizer, chemicals, and water.

- The feeling of softer water and the absence of the harshness of chlorine.

- Improvement in quality of life for pets and aquariums.

- Stopping the anaerobic type of algae growth that frequent tanks and swimming pools, including salt water ones.

- Reduced chlorine demand in swimming pools.

- Improved septic tank activity.

- Reduced odors around bathroom and sewage.