Hard Water? Easy Green Solution
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Anne La Lopa
(505) 660-4162

Water Lady

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In Albuquerque, Santa Fe and all over New Mexico this is the best way to condition
your hard water – and it’s Salt-Free!

The Water Lady is your exclusive New Mexico dealer for Zeta-Core© catalytic water conditioners.

2017 Parade of Homes
    award winner
Catalytic water conditioners apply a care-free technology to an old problem: Hard Water.
And they work without salt, without chemicals, and without maintenance!

Zeta-Core© contributes to LEED certification and is considered a "Green Built" product!

Homes and businesses in Albuquerque and Santa Fe are already saving money, time and hassle.

With this hard water conditioner, you’ll even save water!

Contact the Water Lady today to discuss your water softener needs.
Find out why a Catalytic water conditioner is the right choice for your home and business.
There is no greener way to obtain the benefits of softened water than by installing a Zeta-Core© salt-free conditioner today.

Zeta-Core© dissolves and removes existing scale!

The result: Your water will flow better, taste better, and work better for you.
  • It will inhibit corrosion of your plumbing and fixtures.
  • It will prevent scaly deposits on glass and other surfaces.
  • It will extend the life of your equipment. It will save you time.
  • It will save you money.
  • It will even save water.
  • It will save electricity.

But don’t believe just us.
Here’s what your peers are saying:

Throughout New Mexico and across the country, Zeta-Core© installations are proving catalytic water conditioners to be the best choice for water treatment. Call the Water Lady and learn how a catalytic water conditioner can help you!

Treat Your Water Right!

This innovative process agitates and scrubs water electromechanically, as it flows through an inline conditioner. The unit’s non-ferrous core produces electron-rich water molecules. These molecules release minerals and keep them in suspension, creating “wetter” water. Stripped of their adhesive potential, minerals can no longer adhere to each other nor to your plumbing, boilers, cooling towers, water heaters, valves, sprinkler heads and other equipment. Instead, they flush through your water system without forming scale.

In fact, catalytic installations on irrigation systems have reduced water usage by at least 20-40%!